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song ''how i feel" by sik skillz

song "i love your love"

by Sik skillz

Song "ime get mine" by Sik skillz





create the vibez they want to love

Sik Skillz delivers high impact songs that create an amazing emotional feeling. Songs by the artist are catchy and smart with a line up of beatz that will blow your mind. The Songs and Beatz all done by Sik Skillz and then he structures the production process. This is alot to take on and requires extensive knowledge of the musical creation process. Sik Skillz actually started out like most of us learning anything, with exposure to the industry. he learned the djaying process when he first arrive in the United States from Jamaica. His family member who is a djay taught him how to use the equipment and the process of Djaying, which lead to the artist applying his own creative aspects to the process and eventually evolving into a producer and then an artist. Sik Skillz grew up in the South Florida region, where he would listen to music, freestyle with people he was acquainted with and drive the streets of beautiful South Florida. While growing up the artist enjoyed all types of music from different genres including Reggae, Hiphop, Reggaeton, EDM, and Dance. Majority of the songs being released by the artist is not surprisingly from these types of genres. The Artist has his own style and its structure is very unique. He created his own style of beatz that are unique and amazing called Sik Beatz Series, but you wont be able to hear these beats often as they are not available like most of his music on Napster, Tidal, Apple or Spotify. The Sik Beatz Series are only available through live performances. Another interesting fact about the artist is that he has been an artist for many years, and has personally created is own album, single covers and has written Movies and anime. Sik Skillz is currently releasing music on most major online and offline streaming websites an has his music for sale on websites like amazon music, itunes, and googleplay. Check out the Songs available and support SIk Skillz by becoming a fan, and stream and buy his music that is available now online.


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